Glorifying God in the Gospel of His Son

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In this sermon we explore the important gifts, skills, and passions pastors must have.
In this sermon we examine Paul's list of pastoral qualifications to Titus.
In this sermon, I explore the implications of God's inability to lie.
In this sermon I introduce the book of Titus and explore what Paul says about his own Apostolic mission.

A New Year’s Sermon

December 29, 2019
In this New Year’s sermon, I try to give hope and encouragement for the new year from Scripture. To do this, I explain the meaning of extremely popular verses, and…

The Light of the World

December 24, 2019
In this Christmas Eve sermon we explore the concept of Jesus’ incarnation being described metaphorically as light breaking into darkness.
In this sermon, I allow Paul to teach us how “Christmas Spirit” (good, selfless living) cannot be separated from the character and work Christ. We discuss three layers of Christ’s…
In this sermon the author of Hebrews teaches God’s people that Jesus took on flesh, He took on a human nature, and He became fully human. It lead well into…
In this sermon, we explore the first part of understanding the hypostatic union, which is the heart of the Christmas celebration: the divinity of Christ. We turn to Hebrews 1…
Did Jesus come at the right time? Shouldn't He have come sooner? Why didn't He come later? In this sermon, Elder Jesse reminds us of how God is a masterful…

Philippians 1:27

Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ